All about me

My name is Janet and I am 50 years and officially retired.  Yeah for me.  I started crocheting last year and made scarves for all the girls in the family.  They all loved them.  I have made granny squares, a dish cloth and a few baby blankets.  I am a beginner and read two patterns so far – real simple ones.   I dont know alot of stitches, but have a CD to learn from.

I have been married for 10 years to Bob and we have no children but do have a step daughter and lots of nieces and nephews that keep me busy.

I want to try making doilies & snowflakes as I love them but havent tried them yet.

I love C’Ville and have a great time reading, posting and participating in swaps.

I like to work on projects that finish up fast.  I dont know if I would ever do an afgan because it would just take too long.

I just completed my first scrubbie dishcloth and did half a book mark in thread – man were they hard!!!  Thread is hard to work with – for me anyway, I guess because its new.




One Response to “All about me”

  1. pollybarber34635 Says:

    “…u2018creating doubtu2019 in their mind by the act of riding a bike…” Hahahahahaha!!! Come on

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